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dl-lactic acid sodium salt

Molecular formula: C3H5NaO3 Molecular weight: 112.06 

[Properties]colorless or yellowish pasty liquid, with strong water absorbing capability, no odor, or with slightly special odor. Soluble in water, ethyl alcohol, glycerin, concentration is 60~80%.

Quality index: (Q/ZRP-007-2006)

Item Index Item Index
Content  % ≥60.0 Chloride  %  ≤0.005
PH value 6.5~7.5 Sulfate % ≤0.01
Density,d2020 1.28~1.35 Arsenic salt (As)   ≤2ppm
Oxalate, phosphate, citrate test meet the specification Heavy metal (Pb)  ≤10ppm
Reducing sugar no red sediment \ \

1. In food industry 
3. In poultry 
4. Sodium lactate can be used as processing agent in sausage processing 

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