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DL-Lactic acid

Molecular formula: CH3CHOHCOOH 
Molecular weight: 90.08 
Appearance: colorless or light yellow liquid, soluble in water. 
Quality standard:  


Food grade

Content (%)

 ≥ 80~85

Chloride (%)

 ≤  0.002

Sulfate (%)

≤  0.01

Iron salt (%)

 ≤  0.001

Arsenic salt (%)

  ≤ 0.0001

Heavy metal (%)

  ≤  0.001

Ignition residue (%)

≤   0.1

Uses: the product can be widely used in food, medicine, tobacco, printing and dyeing, leather, printing, chemical, petroleum, and other fields. 
1. It can be used in food industry as sour agent. 
2. Lactic acid can be used in brewing as sterilizing agent. 
3. Moreover, lactic can be widely used in pharmaceutical industry, feed industry, spice and essence manufacturing, leather, and other fields. 
Packing: 25kg/250kg plastic drum.

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