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Sodium metabisulfite

Common name: sodium pyrosulfite
Molecular formula: Na2S2O5
Molecular weight: 190.10
Properties: white or yellow crystalline powder, or small crystal, with strong SO2 odor. Specific gravity 1.4, soluble in water.

Quality standard: food grade sodium metabisulfite GB 1893-1998

Item Index
Content (Na2S2O5)% ≥ 96.0
Iron content (Fe)% ≤ 0.005
Heavy metal (pb)% ≤ 0.001
Arsenic content (AS)% ≤ 0.0002

Uses: the product is mainly used in pharmaceutical material, papermaking, bleaching, developing agent, dyestuff, printing and dyeing, dyeing auxiliary for textile, cotton wool, fiber bleaching, etc.
Bleacher (candy, cake, water-soaked bamboo slice, etc.);
Bulking agent (bread, biscuit);
Packing: woven bag lined with plastic bag, 25kg/bag.

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